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Well …

I didn’t achieve my goal and I am blaming moving for that but I did read some interesting books and a wider range than I might otherwise have done. I haven’t stopped reading but life has been eventful and nomadic lately. I have also been doing other things such as resuming knitting and family history.


Doing better with the reading than the writing up…

My pile of unread books is reducing but my list of write ups increases proportionately. Since my last post I have read The Book thief, The ninth life of Louis Drax, a very disappointing Tolkien biography, Bring up the Bodies and Dominion.

Louis Drax may not really count as I have read it before but could remember virtually nothing about it save that I enjoyed it. Anyway.. will update my list and try to come up with some thoughts..

Yes, I know….

I am very behind but I have been selling a house and am still working through clearing a house and trying to look for a house and so forth so reading has been at a low priority (I even completely missed book club because I misremembered the date. So completely that I hadn’t even got the book let alone read it… hey ho.

However I have managed to finish “Can you forgive her?” which probably counts as two or three books really and have also read Regeneration as a book club book I remembered!

I enjoyed Can you forgive her?, I do like Trollope and he writes beautifully and writes women with a sympathetic understanding which is remarkable, particularly if you consider the times he lived in. However while it was enjoyable, it was also a very long haul for so little relatively to happen. I haven’t exactly dived straight in to “Phineas Finn” ..but I may yet. I have continued with the Regeneration trilogy and am well into “The eye in the door”. Not enjoying it quite as much so far because I find Prior less interesting than Rivers.

Where to start?

I have now four books to write about. I hanged (hung?) fire on Middlesex until Book Club which was Monday and since then I have been short of keyboard computer time but have nevertheless have found time to read two further books (the swiftness of the reading a sure indicator of my enjoyment here…they were delicious and I guzzled shamelessly) and now would sooner write about them. Hmm let’s see…

A bit of a catch up.

Well I have been better at reading than blogging. Since I last posted I have finished: Wedlock by Wendy Moore, The Information Officer by Mark Mills, Life after Life by Kate Atkinson, Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, Annabel by Kathleen Winter. We also did “The Novel in the Viola (The House at Tyneford)” at book club but I read that last year before the Reader’s day. Still behind of course but there is time.. and Middlesex should count as two… it was VERY long…