Flight of fancy

The hen who dreamed she could fly by Sun-mi Hwang is a bit like Le Petit Prince, a bit like Jonathan Livingston Seagull with added hints of Animal Farm and Winnie the Pooh. it is also the second of the belated birthday present books.

Not a bad companion volume as it also handles themes of cross species differences and similarites, the family, understanding and reconciliation. The style is very different as this short book is presented as a modern day fable. The self named Sprout is a caged hen who longs for the outside world butabove all to hatch one of her eggs. When by strange chance her wish is fulfilled she discovers the world beyond can be cruel, especially to those who don’t fit in and her life is a relentless struggle for survival.
It is a quick read at under 150 pages but is one of those short books that promise to linger long in the memory as a story of hope, determination and maternal love


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