Well by now I should have read 32 books

And …I haven’t. The two last read have been stonkingly long. I think a paper edition of “Can you forgive her?” must be over eight hundred pages and Gorky Park five hundred and fifty. Bit of a slog with moments of brilliance… rather like Rossini’s back handed compliment to Wagner. However I struggle with the twists in spy novels and with keeping track of Russian names so it was a bit of a double whammy. Renko is a hugely attractive hero but I wonder if it suffers being read out of time. It has unintentionally become a historical novel.

Anyway I am rewarding myself by reading another, earlier, work by Jo Baker who is the author of Longbourn (still my favourite book of the year). 60 pages in and it is showing the same subtlety and intelligence.


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