Yes, I know….

I am very behind but I have been selling a house and am still working through clearing a house and trying to look for a house and so forth so reading has been at a low priority (I even completely missed book club because I misremembered the date. So completely that I hadn’t even got the book let alone read it… hey ho.

However I have managed to finish “Can you forgive her?” which probably counts as two or three books really and have also read Regeneration as a book club book I remembered!

I enjoyed Can you forgive her?, I do like Trollope and he writes beautifully and writes women with a sympathetic understanding which is remarkable, particularly if you consider the times he lived in. However while it was enjoyable, it was also a very long haul for so little relatively to happen. I haven’t exactly dived straight in to “Phineas Finn” ..but I may yet. I have continued with the Regeneration trilogy and am well into “The eye in the door”. Not enjoying it quite as much so far because I find Prior less interesting than Rivers.