Well this hasn’t got off to the best start…..

My only excuse is that as soon as I started the blog I got a new work assignment at the limit of my travelling range and in combination with the continual appalling weather and other commitments I haven’t had a lot of time. Also I find it hard to work the blog functions on a seven inch tablet so need to get on a proper computer.

Anyway I haven’t failed quite as badly as my silence might indicate since I did join the reading group at the local arts centre and have really enjoyed it. The first book was, of course, all Quiet on the Western front which we all loved and got 9/10. The second was The Switch by Elmore Leonard.

Now I have to admit that he was only a name until I read the book and I don’t know if I would read more by him I certainly would go to see films based on the work. His styke is rather economical for me – I rather like descriptions! It was too much like reading a play. However it was an “honest” crime book in that he didn’t cheat.. the clues were there…

What next? Well the next book club book is The Novel in the Viola by Natasha Solomons, which I have read but very swiftly (in preparation for attending the “Readers’ Day” at the Forest Arts Centre in November so I will need to reread. Will have to try to be objective and not be unduly influenced by the fact she is such a delightful person. I did like the book but I liked the other one of her’s I have read since), Mr Rosenblum’s list, better.

Well the library is about to close and the man on the next computer is not only coughing and spluttering, which I suppose he can’t help but talking to himself which I suspect he can. He is alson rustling, fidgeting and slurping from a drink (in the library my dears!), so I will close before I murder the poor chap… did I mention that I am disproportionately annoyed by quiet noises… but have slept through hurricanes… hey ho.